Rebuilding A Marriage…

2014 was a year of discovery and pain for me.  If you follow my blog, you know that is the year I learned about my husband’s infidelity.  It was the last thing I ever thought I would need to deal with.  But there it was, in black and white, in the form of a letter to “her”.  Yes, the affair had been over 4 years when I discovered it but for me it was brand new and shook13659060_146871045736434_4188781372544018551_n my world in ways I never thought possible.  I was alone.  I had no one to talk or vent to.  Just God and my husband.  But in the midst of that awful pain a light shone from the darkness in the form of a book.  The book “Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken” by Cindy Beall became my constant companion.  I read the book over and over.  Cindy spoke to my heart in so many ways.  She had been through this too.  It had thrown her for a loop too.  We shared the same pain.  I found her blog and signed up to get updates.  I poured over each and every word, sometimes commenting what was on my mind.  And in the process, my heart began to heal.  My marriage was on solid ground and I was loved my husband better than I had ever been loved before.  God used our circumstance to bring healing to other couples.  It has been an amazing 2 years.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered for and Cindy chose me as one of her book launch team for her second book, “Rebuilding A Marriage Better Than New“.  I was not prepared for what I found on the pages.  When I started the book, I did not expect to be challenged in the ways I was being challenged.  I found to my dismay, that despite the amazing healing God had done in our marriage, that I had stopped moving forward.  I was basking in the glow of the healing but not pursuing the ultimate gift that God gave me.  I had become content with where we were, not willing to move into areas where we might need work. Each chapter builds upon the previous one.  The book is divided into 4 distinct steps:  Heal Deeply, Build Wisely, Live Fully and Invest Generously.  Each chapter of the book has a Lies vs Truth statement as well as questions that help you dig deeper and move towards true healing.

As I was reading, I sometimes had to put the book down to process what I had just read.  But I knew that I WOULD process it and that God would show me what He needed me to change or fine tune.  Trust me when I say, that it was A LOT!

Was it easy for to 13599796_145656882524517_2034337778972576836_nCindy to rehash the things that hurt her so deeply years ago?  No.  Was it necessary?  Absolutely YES!  Her experiences, her tears, her strength and her desire to do exactly what God would have her do have resulted in a book uniquely designed to rebuild marriages, whether broken or just in a rut from years of neglect.  Your marriage CAN be the amazing relationship you imagined when you walked down the aisle!

I sincerely believe that EVERY marriage would benefit from this book.  No matter where you are in your walk with God, there are things to learn here.  Principles and truths that will not only help your marriage, but will change your relationship with God.  I cannot even begin to describe how many of the LIES I have believed my entire life.

As I prepare to go through the book a second time, I know that God will show me more than he did before.  While there will be, as there always is, some resistance, I bask in the knowledge that God will take that resistance and mold it into something wonderful.

I encourage you to read Cindy’s book.  If you have experienced betrayal, read Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken, first.  Then pick up Rebuilding A Marriage Better Than New.  Let God have complete control and watch what He can do with what you thought was completely broken and not repairable.

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