His Last Words By Kim Erickson

Every once in awhile someone will ask you to do something and you hesitate for just a moment, maybe two, before saying yes.  For me, there was no hesitation when I volunteered to do a review of this amazing Bible Study.  John is my favorite book of the Bible.  Growing up, it is the book I turned to when I needed assurance and comfort and like every church going kid, I had parts of it memorized.

On March 19, 1967,  I was given my first Bible.  I was 8.    I still have the Bible which will be 50 years this March.  For an ADHD kid, it is a miracle that the Bible survived. But it did.  It went to church camp with me, traveled across the USA with me.  It was my comfort when, as a lonely teenager, I reached out to God in my darkest hours   The pages are faded and worn but they are obviously well-loved.   When I need to feel the excitement I felt back then, I turn to the fragile pages and read the dates I wrote in verses that deeply affected me.

Kim starts her study in John 13 and continues it through John 17.  As I looked at my old Bible, I could see that I hungered for those same passages from 1971-1973.  While a lot of John is dated, these passages were special to me for two years.  Looking back on events that were happening in my life, I understand the correlation now more than ever.  I am nearly 58 years old, but I can close my eyes and see myself back then, loving God, praising Jesus and standing firm through the storms I was passing through.  Those lessons back then would shape my future and how I dealt with future storms.

But, back to the study.  Kim chose these chapters of the Bible to base her study on because they are the last words of our precious Jesus.  But also, her heart had been broken by the untimely death of her 3 year old son Austin in 2008.  At that time in her life, Kim had it all:  a successful career, a loving husband, two beautiful boys.  In just a single night, all that changed.  Austin went to be with Jesus and Kim went in search of our savior.  She realized at that moment that without God, there is nothing.  That everything we have can be lost in the lose of a heartbeat.

As I read Kim’s story at the beginning of the study, I knew this was going to take me some time and I confess, I am not all the way through it as yet.  The study is structured in such a way that you ponder, examine and search each verse. The time commitment is about 45 minutes a day but I sometimes feel I should stick around for a bit more and when I don’t, I feel like I am missing something. The study lasts about 7 weeks but there is nothing to say that it can’t last longer (as in my case). You are encouraged to journal and examine each verse.  Some of the spaces in my journal were blank.  But I know that I will likely return to them and discover some new and amazing truth.

The study can be purchased at Moody Publishers, Christianbook.com and Amazon.  It is also available at a number of other locations such as bookstores and Bible bookstores.

Kim’s last words with her beautiful boy were precious and joyful.  The last words they spoke to each other were “Love You”.  How fitting that God should choose for Kim to reach out to us with a study on the last words of HIS son.



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