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Linda AmmonsWhat do you say about yourself? If you are humble, not much.  If you think too much of yourself, you write a book. I guess I fit into neither category.  Not very humble but definitely not my biggest fan.  The biggest fan designation is divided evenly between my mother and my husband.  Both believe that I can conquer the world.

I may be able to conquer the world but it would take a lot of help from God…you see I can do nothing without Him.  He gave me the ability to string words into an entertaining sentence and He gifted me with Mercy.  What a combination.

I guess I can tell you a little about myself so if you are tired, wait to read it cause it will put you to sleep.  I am an ordinary person living an extraordinary life and loving every minute of it.

I am married to my very best friend.  Richard is smart, talented and incredibly good looking.  He is also always right and trust me that gets old, especially when he really IS right and not just probably right.  But God in His infinite wisdom brought us together 21 years ago and the journey has been anything but boring.

I have two sons but I collect children – specifically grown ones.  Look on my facebook page – there are a number of them referring to me as Mom.

Two doors down from me lives my son Ricky and his wife Glynda, they have 4 boys:  Brandon – 8; Wyatt – 5; Christopher – 20 months and Wesley – newly minted – born the day before Thanksgiving.  Brandon is Autistic, lights up the room when he smiles and makes my heart pitter patter when he says hello.  Wyatt is smart and very technically inclined – he is also my Monkey Baby and he will ALWAYS be my Monkey Baby – he makes me laugh.  Chris has a personality like mine I think.  I will walk in and he will stand in the middle of the room on center stage and gesture and babble with a few words thrown in, trying to make me understand this most important thing I need to know that only he can tell me.  And Wesley, well, he smiles and my heart melts.

Across town, living with a foster family we have adopted as our own, are Adrianna – 11 and Serenity – 8.  Serenity is ours by blood – the daughter of our wayward youngest son, Ryan and Adrianna is her sister, ours by heart – we have been her grandparents since she was 2.  Adrianna is beautiful and a typical girl.  She loves the Lord and is growing in grace each day.  She struggles with school cause she hates math but I have faith she will push through.  Serenity is sweet, loving and very strong-willed.  She struggles in school because of some special needs but she is overcoming those one by one.  The family they live with are amazing Godly people who have become our dear friends.

Serenity and Brandon were born 11 days apart.  They weighed the same, were the same length and looked like twins the first 3 months they were alive.  Serenity is Brandon’s voice and Brandon has always been her protector.  Together they make an awesome force.

Okay so now you know all I can legally tell you about my grandchildren and that takes up the bulk of the about me section.

Follow me and look forward to each post.  They won’t be every day and they won’t always be funny but I do have something to say and through the grace of God, I hope you have a heart to listen!

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  1. Cathy says:

    I don’t quite know how to follow a blog. Can you please tell me how to do that? Linda, I knew you were gifted but I had no idea how gifted. You have moved me and I want to follow. Please tell me how to follow your blog.

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